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This website is published by The Big Sur Local Coastal Program Defense Committee. 

We are a group poof people who are concerned about the pubic access and resource protection as outlined in the Coastal Act of 1974 and implemented in the Big Sur Local Coastal Program 1985.

Initially The Defense Committee was brought together as by a concern about the lack of enforcement of existing law prohibiting Short Term Rentals (STRs) in the Big Sur planning area.  Please read the Issue Statement.

However the need to be ‘ever vigilant’ when it comes to upholding the LCP is true today perhaps more than ever. This is in clear evidence by the recent development permits issued to Ventana Inn by the California Coastal Commission. These permits are, in many ways, inconsistent with the Big Sur LCP and were issued without local review permits set precedents that threaten the preservation and public access goals of the Big Sur Plan and the California Coastal Act of 1974. The inconsistencies are not acceptable.  (see more background here)

We address this and other concerns as they come up in the following pages. Please keep in touch.

We are welcoming any comments and/or suggestions for this website.                              Stay in touch e-mail us CLICK HERE.i-s7FKD5H-L


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We have over 250 persons (including former elected officials Sam Farr, Karin Strasser Kauffman and Dave Potter) signed on as supporters of the effort to uphold existing law keeping STRs illegal in the Big Sur Planning Area.

Please join us!

From the Big Sur LUP: “The significance of the residential areas for planning purposes is that they have the capacity, to some extent, to accommodate additional residential demand. Unlike the larger properties or commercial centers, they are not well suited for commercial agriculture, commercial, or visitor uses (author’s emphasis); use of these areas, to the extent consistent with resource protection, should continue to be for residential purposes.” (LUP, 5.1.1, pg. 81)