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NOTE: The Pfeiffer Canyon bridge rebuild has delayed the work regarding STR’s. Once we get close to opening the new bridge we will update (and improve) this website.

This website is published by The Big Sur Local Coastal Program Defense Committee, (see below) an ad hoc group brought together by a mutual concern about the County of Monterey’s lack of enforcement of existing law prohibiting Short Term Rentals (STRs) in the Big Sur planning area.

We believe STRs have a devastating and permanent adverse effect on the Big Sur community, its housing, its culture, and the public access to the coast. We try to address our concerns in the following pages.


If you care about the preservation of the Big Sur Coast, the wild and rural character, please take some time to peruse this website. The threat of commercialization of the Big Sur neighborhoods puts the very values so many have fought for for so long at a serious risk.  Please read on…


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We have over 200 persons now signed on as supporters of the effort to uphold existing law keeping STRs illegal in the Big Sur Planning Area. Here is a partial list alphabetical by last name:  John  Adair, Brian Anderson, Jacqueline Armandez,  Roger Bagshaw,  Steve Beck,  Nancy Berry,  James M. Betts,  Eric Blackman,  Scott Bogen, Fiona Bond,  Brent Bower,  Joseph Bradford,  George Braff,  Tracy Brockway,   David Bryden,   Evan Burgess,   Robert Burson,   Veronica Bustamante,  Leticia Carrera,   Don Case,   Josh Case,   Toni Chiapelli,   Dan Clark, Nadine Clark, Marlene Cohen,   John Collier, Betsy Collins,  Ken Cowen,  Tanner Connolly,   Karin Cumming,  Tyson Curtis,  Peter Dames,  Bob Danziger,  Tarasa Davis,  Bill Debolt,  Dale Diesel,  Patricia Domingo,  Joyce Duffy,  Brendan Esens,  Zoe Esparza,  Matthew Evers,  Marcus Foster,  Heather Foster,  Kirk Gafill,  Mary Garren,  Denise George,  Peggy Goodale,  Cindy Gray,  James Gray, Tim Green, Laurie Green, Peter Green, Rain Greenslate,  David Gutierrez, Arden Handshy, Jerri Hansen, Bree Harlan, Frank Hathaway, Orrin Hein,  Tracie Helmandollar,  Richard Herdell,  Patti Herdell,  Lisbet Hernandez, Ida Holber, Heidi Hopkins,   Darien Hopkins,   Steven House,   Martin Hubback,   James Hunolt,   Jonathan Hyland,   Eaen Irwin,   Iona Jones,   Martha Karstens,   Gary Knudson,   Devin Kroll,   Benj Langdon,   Alan Laschiver,   Jennifer Lazaro,   Janet Lesniak,   Paul Lesniak,   Dani Lopez,   Thierry Lovato,   Andrew Luersen,   Josh Mallowax,   Peter Marshall,   Jean Mason,   Warren Masten,   Julia Mazerik,   Laura McCalla, John Mearns,  Deborah Medow,   Analuisa Mendez,   Bruce Merchant,   Dakota Michelson, Ruby Moore, Kendra Morgenrath, Marty Morgenrath, Helen Morgenrath, Brian Morton,   Sherry Morton,   Carol Needham, Justus Newman, Antonia Nicklaus, Bill Nye, Dan O’Rourke,  Sydney Ocean,   Lorraine Oshea,   Jaci Pappas, Arthur Patterson, Laura Pavloff,  Victor  Pavloff,  Raul Paz,   Bernardo Paz,   Roberto Paz,   Ed Penhoet, Camille Penhoet,   Andy Perez,   Carmen Perez,  Alan Perlmutter,  Daniel Perlstein,   Nema Peterson,   Ashleigh Poland, Luis Potter, Merry Potter, George Pysor,  Sandra Reel,   Dan Reznick,   Terry Roginson, Tracy Roginson, Ali Rohani, Kimberly Rousseau,   Heather Russell,    Celia Sanborn,   Ray Sanborn,   Elizabeth Sanchez, AnnalisaSand , Nancy Sanders, Sean Shadwell,   Carl Shadwell,  Carol Shadwell,  Chad Sheby,   Dave Smiley,  Paul Smith,  Marcia Smullen,   Janet Sommerville,   Bette Sommerville,   Linda Sonrisa,   Debra Stoller,   Amy Stone,   Kara Stout,   Karin Strasser Kaufmann,   Chris Stubbins,   Miranda Talbott,    Tim Templeton,   Laura Tugwell, Magnus Toren,   Mary Lu Toren,   Lori Trew,   Greg Trew,   Mary Trotter,   Fletcher Tucker,   Miguel Vargas,  Mary Ann Vasconcellos,   Karl Vogel,  Jennifer Voolees,   Torrey Waag,   Katharine Walters,   Robert Warcken,   Tim Weiss,   Jean Weiss,   Cara Weston,   Jeanette White,   David Whitney,   Robert Willett,   Julie Williams,   Talon Woljenden,   Ehren Woyt,   Barbara Woyt,   Ken Wright,   Mary Wright,   Catherine Wyatt,   Gabriel Zehner …

* at this point we are still an ad hoc group without a formal organization or actual ‘committee.’

Please join us!

From the Big Sur LUP: “The significance of the residential areas for planning purposes is that they have the capacity, to some extent, to accommodate additional residential demand. Unlike the larger properties or commercial centers, they are not well suited for commercial agriculture, commercial, or visitor uses (author’s emphasis); use of these areas, to the extent consistent with resource protection, should continue to be for residential purposes.” (LUP, 5.1.1, pg. 81)