PLEASE note important post 05/25/21 (in the right hand column) regarding the letter to the Board of Supervisors.

In all cases, new land uses must remain subordinate to the character and grandeur of the Big Sur coast. All proposed uses, whether public or private, must meet the same exacting environmental standards and must not degrade the Big Sur landscape.  / Big Sur LUP


This website is published by The Big Sur Local Coastal Program Defense Committee, a group concerned with the protection of the natural and cultural values of Big Sur. Currently over 250 members of the Big Sur community are supporters of the Defense Committee.

There are few places in the world that have been subject to more thoughtful and passionate efforts directed towards preservation of its natural and cultural values than Big Sur. The legal document in place to help accomplish this is the Big Sur Land Use Plan.

The Coastal Act of 1974 include provisions for the protecting of public access and the protecting of the cultural and natural resources of the Big Sur Coast. The Big Sur Local Coastal Program of 1985 implements some of those provisions. Unfortunately there are reasons to believe that local Government is unable to to uphold and enforce some of the most important of these provisions thereby threatening to dramatically undermine the Big Sur LUP .

This would be devastating but we trust that by working together to uphold the LUP we will be able to continue to provide for both the maximum public access and the best resource protection.