Why Defense


The committee exists to help uphold the integrity of the L.C.P., and therefore the future preservation and public access to the coast. The Monterey County is compelled by law to implement the Big Sur L.C.P., as is. The committee intends to assist in this important effort.

We know that Commercial Events and Short Term Rentals (STR’s) in residentially zoned areas are prohibited under the policies of both the B.S.L.C.P and Monterey County General Plan. That these activities negatively impact the community, its housing, its culture, and public access to the coast is indisputable.

Monterey County, rather than enforcing the prohibition of STR’s, is currently taking taxes from them (Transient Occupancy Tax – TOT). By doing so the County is encouraging and tacitly approving an activity that is illegal. (See STR Issue Statement)

We also know that building in the viewshed, not allowing LUAC participation in the permit process, altering an historical site, conducting to traffic or housing study when starting a new restaurant, etc. is unacceptable. (See Ventana Issue Statement)

For the sake of the Big Sur Coast, the visiting public, and the Big Sur community (half of whom are renters) the County must enforce the existing law.

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