Letter to Chairman Chris Lopez Monterey County Board of Supervisors sent in advance of the Supervisors meeting on November 17.

The Defense Committee have asked Attorney Sara Clark, of the law firm Shute, Mihaly & Weinberger, to write a letter on behalf of the Defense Committee and all its supporters. The letter is sent in advance of the Supervisor meeting on November 17.

You can read the LETTER TO THE BOARD HERE.

Supervisors Meeting Agenda HERE.

(first part of the letter…)
On behalf of this firm’s client, the Big Sur Local Coastal Program Defense Committee (“BSDC”), I write regarding the Board of Supervisor’s consideration of the proposed Monterey County Vacation Rental Ordinances, especially as they relate to the Big Sur Land Use Plan.

The BSDC is a group of residents and business owners concerned for the preservation of the cultural and natural values of Big Sur and the land use plan that protects them for the public to enjoy. (continued…)

You can join the meeting virtually and make any comment you like. We encourage you to support the content of the letter above.

The letter also includes a lot of background information.