The Local Coastal Program/Download

The Big Sur Local Coastal Program is a collection of planning documents that provide the policies and procedures that govern all development in the Big Sur planning area (Mal Paso Creek North, Monterey County Line South). These documents are:

1. The Big Sur Land Use Plan (LUP) ::DOWNLOAD HERE::


2. Regulations for permits.

3. Regulations for Development (Coastal Implementation Plan) ::DOWNLOAD HERE::

These policies and procedures were designed to carry out this basic goal:

Guiding Principles:

1. Carrying capacity of the land and the two lane Highway 1.

2. Cumulative effects.

3. Quality of visitors experience.

Note: In order to maximize public access and minimize negative impacts, the B.S.L.C.P. radicallly limits all destination activities on the Big Sur Coast (residential, commercial and recreational).

Development in designated rural residential areas shall continue to be limited to residential uses in order to protect residents from unwanted intrusion by other incompatible activities and because neither available vacant land, water, nor roads are adequate to support more intensive uses. (Big Sur LCP page 94)

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