Choley-BirdWhat would the Big Sur Coast look like today if we had no Big Sur L.C.P? Would visitors and residents still be awed by mile after mile of unmarred California coast? Or would it be ruined like most other beautiful coastal areas?

At present there are approximately 100 illegal STR’s in Big Sur. Unless stopped, these illegal commercial activities in the residential areas will continue to grow, making the Big Sur L.C.P. a whim of politics. Destination traffic will further congest Highway 1, overwhelm our services and create increased pressures for development. As more of our homes are converted to accommodate STR’s and events, commerce will absorb our community, leaving the hospitality industry and county politics to keep watch over the Big Sur coast.

Thirty years ago, in discussions about setting up the Big Sur Multi-Agency Council, Leon Panetta, our congressman at the time, said that the protection of the coast would be left largely in the hands of the Big Sur Community. Well, here we are…

If we value the non-urban, non-commercial, wild beauty of the coast we must decide to resist the perversion of the L.C.P.. We cannot passively stand by while urban patterns, commercialization, and degradation of the environment take over. We are the ones, as history has shown, who need to act.

Join us!

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