Historical Review Board

Information about the Historical Review Board and the new Ventana entry wall and sign and the inconsistencies of the permits issued by the California Coastal Commissions (CCC).

The Monterey County Historic Resources Review Board took comments (January 4, 2018) from Big Sur residents concerning the lack of local review for development permits issued to Ventana by the CCC. The board was presented with clear evidence that the Ventana sign and wall recently built in front of the Post Homestead  (National Historic Registry) is not the wall the Historic Review Board approved for the project. The wall that was approved was a re-build of a historic low, drywall of native stone. The wall that has been built is a much larger, non-native stone retaining wall and it was moved to the edge of the entry road. It was then backfilled to enlarge the food service area of the Homestead which is to be converted to a cafe. The Review Board felt that the wall as built was not approved and significantly detracts from the character of the Homestead and the historic site.

This wall represents only one of five serious land use plan inconsistencies (issue statement here)  in the Ventana permits issued by the CCC in December 2016. Thankfully, the Review Board responded clearly to the inconsistency of the new Homestead wall. The CCC and the county have not been responsive to our appeals and complaints regarding these inconsistencies. Please help us take them to task, sign the Big Sur… Let it Be petition.

This is a more serious issue than it may appear to be but if not reversed it will set the precedent for future development.

The petitions can be found HERE!

We will take this back to the Coastal Commission with public support behind us.

Review Board Agenda September1, 2016
Project Application
Historical Review Board Meeting Minutes
Notice of permit amendment