Issue Statements

Currently there are two issues that are of extraordinary concern.

The threat of making Short Term Rental legal in the Big Sur Planning Area.

The permits issued to Ventana Inn for development that are in flagrant violation of several provisions in our Land Use Plan.

Scroll down for a brief synopsis.


Recent Ventana Inn Immaterial Amendments

• No LUAC review
• No Big Sur Historical Society Review
• No Traffic Study – New Restaurant & Gallery
• No Housing Study – New Restaurant & Gallery
• Conversion of affordable campsites to high cost accommodations
• National Historic Site – Degraded, urbanized
• Removal of historic buildings
• Signage – Materials, source of illumination, number of signs
• Entry wall – Urban design
• New unshielded terrace lighting in critical viewshed

“All new development not in conformance with approved representations shall be removed.” LUP 3.2.3 B-1
• New Gallery – No permit
• Entry Wall and sign – No permit
• Second (small) entry wall and sign – No permit
• Unshielded terrace light – Critical Viewshed

• Traffic
• Housing
• Community
• Culture
Please see detailed discussion on negative impacts of STR’s HERE.


Download the Defense Committee publication about the detrimental effects of STR’s in Big Sur.