Sections of the Big Sur LUP

1. Big Sur has attained a worldwide reputation for spectacular beauty; sightseeing and scenic driving are the major recreational activities. (LUP, 1.2, pg.2)

2. The community itself and its traditional way of life are resources that can help to protect the environment and enhance the visitor experience. (LUP, 2.1, pg.5)rolling hills in fog

3. Maintenance of the quality of the natural experience along the Big Sur coast has precedence over the development of any permitted uses, whether residential, recreational, or commercial. (LUP, 3.1, pg.8)

4. It is the County’s policy to prohibit all future public or private development visible from Highway 1 and major public viewing areas (the critical viewshed) (LUP, 3.2, pg.10)

5. The following density standards for inn unit development are designed to allow up to 300 new visitor-serving lodge or inn units on the Big Sur Coast, based on protection of the capacity of Highway One to accommodate recreational use (LUP, 5.4.2, pg. 77)

6. The County shall protect existing affordable housing in the Big Sur coastal area from loss due to deterioration, conversion or any other reason. (LUP, 5.4.2.I, pg. 87)