Regarding June 29 meeting

Subject: LUAC Memo – Last email alert 

Dear Supporters, 

The feedback from our last email is that the 80 page LUAC update memo is intimidating. So, here’s a shortcut.

The BSDC’s concerns are focused on pages 4-6 and 11-19 of the memo. The Big Sur and South Coast LUACs have been working on this update of the Big Sur Land Use Plan (LUP) for many years. This LUAC memo discusses their points of contention with the County Planning staff; the LUACs are trying to protect the plan that has protected this coast for 35 years. On the other hand, the County and Coastal Commission want to open up Big Sur. The pages referred to above deal with two of the issues that are in contention with the County and Coastal Commission. 

1. Preserving visual access (vs physical) as the primary public resource of the Big Sur coast.

2. Protecting residential housing from conversion to commercial transient use (STR).

As I write this, there are other threats looming that threaten the fundamental policies and goals of the Big Sur LUP.

They include:

Critical viewshed – the unmarred natural beauty of the Big Sur coast.

Community – the very limited housing of this tiny community.

Scenic highway – the major function of highway one is sightseeing and scenic driving. 

We must gather and stop the dismemberment of the plan. The June 29 meeting is very important, please spare a few moments and call in to state your support of the LUAC.

Here is the link to the memo for instructions on how to participate in tomorrow’s meeting. 

Thank you.

-Tim Green