Call to action.

Say YES to affordable ACCESS 

Dear Community Members, 

There is a Public Hearing on June 10th regarding the draft Vacation Rental Ordinance and we are asking for your support and voices once again. In order to win this fight in preserving our community and our coast for all (residents and visitors for generations to come) we need to stand strong. Together our voices will be heard. 

For the past seven years, Monterey County and the vacation rental industry have been attempting to wear us down but we refuse to give up the fight. We must stand strong.

Here is where you can help (this will only take a couple minutes of your time). Please write and tell the County NO, NO, NO to any and all Vacation Rentals in the Big Sur Planning Area. This includes homestays and STRs, both are inconsistent with Big Sur’s LCP (Local Coastal Plan). Your comment doesn’t have to be fancy or long winded, just tell them NO and continue to be counted. If you would prefer long and fancy that would work too! 

Please submit your comment either by email: to
Subject line:  REF130043/REF100042 – Vacation Rental Ordinance 

By regular mail to:
Melanie Beretti, RMA Property Administration/Special Programs ManagerMonterey County Resource Management Agency 1441 Schilling Place, 2nd Floor South, Salinas CA, 93901.

Please submit comments by 2pm on Tuesday, June 2nd. There will be a Public Hearing to discuss Vacation Rentals on June 10th and we need your voice to be heard!!

Without the voices of the community, we cannot win this fight. Our COMMUNITY and the future of this COAST needs YOU

If you have an extra minute after submitting your comment please share this with anyone you know who may be willing to help. 

Thank you so much for your time and care. The future of our beloved home depends on us all to use our voices now. 

Janet Hardisty / A Proud Member of the Big Sur LCP Defense Committee